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German manufactured shoe shine machines

  • German made by 100 year old company

  • Manufactured using only the finest quality materials

  • 3 year guarantee

  • Spare parts are provided for 20 years after purchase

  • Full range of machines for all circumstances

  • Varied shapes, sizes and colour

  • Used in prestigious hotels across the world.

As early as the eighteenth century, the French poet Honoré de Balzac wrote:

 “A keen observer in the condition of shoes always knows with whom he is dealing”


This is perhaps not so easy in the age of the sneakers, Loafer and the used look - but one thing still applies:

"Well-groomed shoes lend the personality simply more shine"


Shoes complete and individualise our appearance and they transport messages. Clean footwear provides an appreciation of the counterpart and the situation.


This has been our philosophy for more than 100 years.

HEUTE shoe polishers preserve values ​​and maintain your good style.

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